AllisonShorter Designs: Seminars Shorter has professionally taught groups and individuals for six years blending her natural instinct for order with her education in psychology. She has given seminars for groups of 20 to 400, and her seminars fall in the topics of organizing your home, your life, your relationships with others and with God. Some places where Allison has spoken are the Greensboro Southern Ideal Home Show, Calvary Baptist Church, and many MOPS groups in the Triad area.

Allison is not currently available for speaking engagements. Thank you for your interest.

Here are what some attendees of my seminars have said:

  • “I enjoyed Allison’s: 1) easy to follow handout, 2) practical applications, 3) suggestions for easy and inexpensive remedies to reduce clutter, 4) guilt-free attitude, and 5) fun and informative presentation.”

    – Colleen

  • “I enjoyed watching the reactions of the ladies around me. One lady sitting at the table in front of me kept nodding her head vigorously and scribbling desperately on her handout every few seconds of the presentation. And I came home with one new small goal…. to clean out my purse!”

    – Lori

  • “I always thought I was a neat person, but after attending Allison’s seminar, I now realize there is still much work to be done. Allison’s tips are helping me move from seeking “perfection” to simplifying my life in concrete ways through better organizational ideas.”

    – Su

  • “I was recently blessed as I heard Allison speak from a godly perspective on order and how we can simplify and organize our lives. She related to her audience well, and her advice was clear and practical. I especially enjoyed how she emphasized preventing clutter from entering our homes. Her talk was very enjoyable and motivating as well. I went home with a fresh perspective and new ideas and began to apply them.”

    – Mary Beth

  • “After attending a seminar by Allison, I’ve reorganized my bathroom drawers and my closet. With limited space, organization is a must and I wasn’t sure where to start and was afraid to get rid of things. I had learned I needed to be “ruthless” when I was getting rid of stuff. I also used the Travel List on my last trip. Traveling with another couple can be hard with space so I took one bag for the 3 day trip and just rolled everything like Allison suggested. It really saved space!”

    – Lora