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Adjust for the Gas Hike

8 Sep

Greetings from Shorter Designs! I hope you are doing well and that your kids are enjoying being back in school. Normally I try to write about something helpful to you for the season of the year, and this month isn’t much different.

We all know about the Katrina disaster, climbing gas prices, and many stations running low on gas. It’s amazing how one event so far from home can have such a huge impact on the entire nation. As Americans, we are all in the same boat – our pocketbooks are getting pulled tighter each day, and it seems like no relief is in sight. With this in mind, I wanted to mention a few things we could all do to combine errands, save money and time, and help do our part after this terrible event.

Get a Handle on Your Finances

5 May

Pregnant  woman with money. Family budget.
image courtesy of s_falkow

Greetings from Shorter Designs! I strive in my newsletters to hit a wide range of topics, and this month I want to write about an issue that has come up a lot with my clients recently. It is in the area of finances. “What does that have to do with organizing?” you may be wondering. Plenty!