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Take Advantage of Life’s Opportunities

13 Aug

Greetings from Shorter Designs! My husband and I are in the midst of packing to move in three weeks. Oh, what fun… especially with a 13 month old daughter! Our new house is in Advance, so we will remain in the area for those of you who are wondering if I will still be able to help you organize.

Organizational Advice for Your Move

17 May

Greetings from Shorter Designs! My husband and I just moved, which is nothing new for us. We have moved nine times in our seven years of marriage, so we have it down to a science. Relocating is a great way for us to keep the clutter to a minimum and only hold on to the bare essentials.

The reasons surrounding our moves are always good, but at the same time, moving is never easy. Each time we changed cities, we had to find new friends, a new church, adjust to a new job, and learn our way around a new place. Moving is stressful, but we’re always surprised how quickly a new town and new house can become “home.”