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You Are Only Responsible for Yourself

5 Oct

Greetings from Shorter Designs! Please accept my apologies for not writing a newsletter last month. We had a curve ball thrown our way regarding our move, and we had to live in Charlotte last month. We closed on our old house the middle of August and had to move, but our new house wasn’t going to be ready until the middle of September. So we stayed four weeks in a two bedroom apartment in Charlotte so my husband could be closer to his office.

Gain a Fresh Perspective

5 Oct

Greetings from Shorter Designs! I am so excited that October is here because I love the changes that autumn brings. I enjoy the colorful trees and the crispness in the air, the fall flowers and pumpkins that adorn homes. These are things I used to take for granted.

I grew up in North Carolina and lived here 24 years. After spending the last four years in Florida, I am now back “home” where the weather actually changes and the seasons are pronounced. It is amazing to me the difference living here now as opposed to when it was all I knew.